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1.      What is Jaipur Kitchen?

Jaipur Kitchen is a weekly meal delivery service of homestyle and healthy Indian food, inspired by the Jaipur/Rajasthan region of India.

2.      How did Jaipur Kitchen start?

The two founders, husband and wife duo Ratan and Anita, delivered homemade Indian food to their daughter and son-in-law in Hoboken during Covid.  They realized that others might want the same service and started the business in August!

3.      Why is the name Jaipur Kitchen?

The two founders, husband and wife duo Ratan and Anita, are from Jaipur, a city in Rajasthan, and the food is inspired by that cuisine.  It’s not common to find cuisine from this area in the US.

4.      How is food from Jaipur/Rajasthan different from other regions of India?

Each region has a different way of cooking and different ingredients depending on the weather and geography.  Jaipur/Rajasthan cuisine balances decadent and simple foods.  Some say it’s a perfect marriage between Gujarati food and Punjabi food (which is most commonly found in Indian restaurants in the US).

5.      What is the difference between homestyle and restaurant Indian food?

We love both! Restaurant Indian food is delicious, creamy, decadent and a treat for special occasions.  Homestyle Indian food focuses on ingredients our parents, grandparents, or great grandparents have been using for generations in their kitchens, like lentils, legumes, green vegetables, pickled sides, whole wheat flatbread, with low amounts of oil, cream, butter, and cheese. The food is simpler, healthier, and perfect for every day!  And it evokes nostalgia for family kitchens!  That’s why our motto is “From Our Kitchen to Yours.”

6.      Do menus change?

Yes, menus change weekly! You can see prior menus on our Instagram page (@jaipurkitchen).

7.      What do weekly menus usually include?

They usually include a dal (lentil soup), a paneer subji (cheese dish), two vegetables cooked in Indian spices, one specialty rice, plain rice, roti (whole wheat flat bread), raita (spiced yogurt), and pickled condiments.

8.      Do you offer meat dishes?

At this time, we’re only offering vegetarian and vegan items.  But we may expand in the future to include some meat dishes.

9.      Where can I place an order? 

On the website at

10.    What are Jaipur Kitchen’s delivery areas? 

Hoboken, West New York, Weehawken, Jersey City, Rutherford, Secaucus, Harrison, Old Bridge, within 5 miles from Old Bridge and many others (we are constantly expanding, so please email us at to inquire about additional areas).

11.    How can I find out if you deliver in my area?  

Email us at to inquire

12.    When do you deliver?   

We generally deliver to North Jersey areas, near Hoboken/JC, and Old Bridge/surrounding areas on Sunday.  All other areas are on Monday or will be directly scheduled with the customer.

13.    Do you deliver to businesses?

Yes, please contact us at to inquire.

14.    Do you provide catering services? 

Yes, please contact us at to inquire. 

16.    What are your social media handles?

FB: Jaipur Kitchen / Instagram: @JaipurKitchen

17. Can you provide more information on where you source the food and your safety precautions?

  • All produce and items used in cooking are purchased at local stores in New Jersey, often at farmers’ markets

  • All food is made fresh on the day of delivery

  • All surfaces, pans, utensils are sanitized before cooking

  • Masks, gloves, and hair caps are worn during prepping and cooking

  • Once the food is cooked, it is not touched by any person

  • Delivery is contact-less